With My Pen Held High


penI tend to avoid controversial topics on this blog, and when I occasionally wander into cultures and histories that are not my own, I try very hard to treat them with respect. I have intentionally chosen to make this little corner of the blogosphere a place where anyone could feel welcome.

But I certainly recognize that people who engage in communication of any kind designed for public consumption are faced with the choice of whether or not they push the envelope into the realm of offensiveness. And I celebrate the freedom of that choice, because it means that when something needs to be said, it can be said in public and it can be considered by the public.

Yesterday’s attack on Charlie Hebdo was a terrible assault on that freedom. With the people of France, with the members of the media, and with all writers, speakers, and illustrators who communicate on a public platform, from the widest national media outlet to the tiniest blog, I am adding my voice. Freedom of speech and freedom of the press matters profoundly. And so I raise my pen up high and say, Je suis Charlie!

14 thoughts on “With My Pen Held High

  1. Reblogged this on Samuel Hall and commented:
    We can do no less than stand for freedom of the press.
    My friend Sarah takes her stand, and with this reblog of her post, I stand with all right-thinking people to affirm my support for the basic freedom of speech, of the press.

  2. Yes, freedom is a treasure. But as freedom increases the wisdom to use it increases proportionately. I pray the western world will not be known so much for our freedom but for our wisdom.

  3. Billie Reynolds

    Dear Sam,
    Satire usually hurts someone. I have always disliked the contents of this group, but they do not deserve death because of that. As Brother Andrew says, we must pray for them, even the attachers who still live. We need to pray they will have a visitation or vision that will change their hearts. It is difficult to see that they deserve that love of our patient God and Savior.
    I wish you only the best in 2015 and hope to see you.
    Grace and peace

  4. Would they attack Mad Magazine. Lampoons are a danger to the source of the creator. Kill the messenger and no one have a thought which goes against the grain. We must all think alike and creativity must be destroyed. This is the reasoning of 1984 and must be fought by every pen, pencil and key board.

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