More Excuses and Turkey

Yes, I do have more than one turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all my friends here in the United States! And happy Thursday to all my friends around the world who will not be spending the day basting a turkey and attempting to remain calm while thirty-three relatives gather in your home that has a max capacity of much fewer than that. I’m not exaggerating here. I will have thirty-three people in my home today. I am thankful for each of them. So far.

I’ll be back to writing regular posts next week. In the meantime, I want you to know that I am thankful for each of you who takes the time to check in on my little corner of the blogosphere. No matter what you’re up to on this Thursday, I hope you have a great day!happy-thanksgiving-3767426__340

10 thoughts on “More Excuses and Turkey

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! My household celebrates it here in New Zealand because we got into the habit of doing it when living in the States. Besides, it’s a wonderful thing to do! But oh the hassle of trying to find a frozen turkey at this time of year!

  2. Marcia Gaye

    Wow. No. Hosting dinner for 33 during nanowrimo. I’ve always been impressed by your over-achieving ways. Now I’m just pretty sure you may be a manic masochist. Either way, you’re incredibly talented, creative, and awesome. I would write that on a boiled egg but I have no alum. Though I’m sure you always do.

    1. If I have alum I assure you it is through no fault of my own. The hosting is fun. And I have a generally helpful and laid back family. It did slow down NaNo a little. In the past I’ve always planned to be finished by the holiday, but it was so early this year that just wasn’t possible.

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