23 thoughts on “Please Accept My Sincerest Apology for What You are About to Read

  1. Becky McGinnis

    Oh, woe is me
    doth Sarah say
    albeit in
    a round about way
    But enjoy it I did,
    all that she said.
    She can do one more
    in 364.
    But not before

  2. On Happy Bad Poetry Day
    Sarah A showed us the way
    We know it doesn’t have to rhyme
    To be bad each and every time

    Our offerings in the comments section
    Will probably be read I reckon
    If anyone thinks that they are bad
    We must agree as they are sad

  3. God has not allowed me to become famous
    lest I needlessly trample all over those less fortunate than myself;
    like Margery Hansen who lives down the road
    and Anita Gladsberry and … oh the list goes on and on – interminably.
    I never realized until now just how unfortunate most people are,
    yet poetry pours out of me like a gushing waterfall.
    Yes! Yes! I’m glad I’m not famous;
    otherwise I’d end up writing crap instead of stuff like this.

  4. Oh, once there was an old poetry trick
    Traced to the Irish county of Limerick
    Some are told and quite dandy
    Becoming ear candy
    But dull ones like this make me sick

      1. Nice. I definitely recommend his ‘Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening’ and ‘Mending Wall’. We studied his poetry in secondary school and it left an indelible mark. There is an Aussie poet I really like too – Chris Wallace Crabbe. I wrote about his poem ‘Wet Ghost’ which is the bees-knees.

      2. I’m glad you thought so too. I was walking between two rural towns in Colombia called Barichara and Guane and the whole time – all I thought was ‘Mending Wall’. It had that aesthetic in the 3 hour walk. It was something else.

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